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11 crochet (and craft) resolutions for a joyful New Year

Do you still make New Year’s resolutions?

I tend to think of them more as goals because ‘resolutions’ seems to have been overtaken by the toxic diet culture and punishing gym routines that spring up every year (anyone else’s mute and report button seeing a lot of action right now?). In my mind resolutions are there to focus on what will make you happy. And seeing as you’re already great as you are, and we all deserve more happiness in 2022, here are a few alternative resolution ideas for crocheters for a joyful 2022*, though most of them will apply to other crafts too. Let’s claim back resolutions for good!

*admittedly numbers 4 and 9 might feel a bit of a punishment for some…

11 crochet related New Year’s resolution ideas

  1. Organise your stash – an obvious one but pretty essential if you’re thinking about committing to number 2. Plus, who doesn’t love a good January sort-out?!
  2. Use your stash before buying new. Save money, save waste, save storage space. Need I say more?
  3. Make sustainable swaps. Try recycled yarns and wooden hooks, or make your own yarn from old fabrics, or unravelled charity shop buys. This video by Needlepointers will show you how to make yarn from old t-shirts.
  4. Teach a friend to crochet and share the joy.
  5. Finish or rehome all your wips (works in progress) – commit to finishing them or pass them on to someone who will. I’ve seen lots of great swaps on Instagram where people gift unfinished and unloved works for the recipient to finish and keep. Or if that’s not for you how about unravelling them to use the yarn for something else, or finishing a smaller version and giving to charity. Lots of pet rescue centres like small blankets for example.
  6. Start a craft journal. You could include swatches of favourite yarns, pattern notes, hook sizes, inspiration photos, anything you like. Journaling is great for mindfulness and you’ll have the benefit of all your ideas and plans in one place.
  7. Join a CAL (that’s crochet-a-long) – a great way to meet other crocheters and make something at the same time. Lucy from Attic24 is hosting a blanket CAL starting on 7 January and Arunima from KnitterKnotter is hosting a 2022 Tunisian blanket CAL starting in January.
  8. Learn a new technique. Tunisian crochet I’m looking at you…
  9. Weave in the ends as you go. It hurts, but how many of those wips just need the ends sewing in? There’s a cushion we’ve been using for months which still has ends sticking out of it… so I’m definitely also speaking to myself here.
  10. Try yarn bombing. Commemorate, draw attention to an issue or simply make something to put a smile on someone’s face, like Syston’s ‘knitting Banxy’ does.
  11. Crochet for charity. If there’s anything we can take from 2021 it’s that we’re stronger together and kindness can be found in every situation so put your crochet superpower to good use. Charities will often put call outs on social media or have a look for some dedicated facebook groups in your area or country, this UK one was started for mask adaptors for health workers but now shares lots of charity related posts.  

Which one will you be trying? Or what would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year.