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How to join yarn with a magic knot

Goodbye weaving in ends! Okay, maybe not completely – you’ll still have a few from starting and finishing your work, but joining yarn with a magic knot will leave you with way less than usual. Let’s face it weaving in ends is the least fun part of any knit or crochet project, whether you’re disciplined and do them as you go or if leave them until last (yep, I’m in… Read More »How to join yarn with a magic knot

Pheasant tartan cushion – knitting pattern

Knit a stylish cushion cover with a tartan effect to add a touch of cosy country charm to any room. This simple step-by-step knitting pattern uses only horizontal colour changes so is perfect for beginners who haven’t mastered colourwork or intarsia knitting, as the vertical stripes are worked after you have knitted the cushion cover! And full photo instructions are given. It features a simple envelope back with a ribbed… Read More »Pheasant tartan cushion – knitting pattern

Knitted snowflake bunting – free pattern*

Nordic style knitted Christmas bunting This pattern was originally posted in December 2016 on my previous blog… I haven’t purposefully posted a Christmas pattern in January. Whether you live somewhere that gets a healthy dose of the white stuff each winter or not, this knitted snowflake bunting guarantees you’ll get a bit of snow to admire (and for those of us in the UK, it comes without any travel chaos… Read More »Knitted snowflake bunting – free pattern*