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Crochet ipad case – free pattern

Whether you’re in need of a quick handmade gift or just want to keep your ipad looking stylish and cosy, hook up this easy crochet ipad case in no time. Although looks-wise this one has been designed with men in mind as they can be so difficult to find good crochet patterns for (this one was for my Dad, who seemed to like it), but swap the buttons and colours and it can be made for anyone!

Crochet ipad case for men

The finished case measures 26mm deep and 18cm wide and is designed to fitmost tablet sizes, but if you need it bigger or smaller just work with a tape measure to hand and adjust the stitch numbers as you go.

Hook: 4mm crochet hook
Wool: DK weight
You will also need a button, tape measure and yarn needle


UK terms

Foundation double crochet 63 – there’s a great video tutorial here (it’s known as foundation single crochet in the US). It’s basically a way of creating your chain and first row of dcs at the same time, which is much less fiddly.

Slip stitch into the first foundation double crochet to form a circle. Make sure the work isn’t twisted as you do so.

Work continuous rounds of dc in back loop only until your crochet sleeve measures 22cm long.

Change colour to grey and continue to work rounds of dc in the back loop until the grey stripe is 4.5cm deep. Fasten off.

Turn inside out and seam along the bottom. Weave in all ends.

Sew on chunky button where the two colours meet.

With your grey wool chain 30 and test the length around the button and up to the back of the case to make sure it fits. Once you’re happy with the length form a loop, then slip stitch both ends to the back of your case. Weave in all ends.

And you’re done! I’d love to know if you make one.