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crochet tutorial

Two hands demonstrating a crochet slip knot

How to start your crochet with a slip knot

Most crochet patterns start with an instruction along the line of chain 3 or foundation double crochet 100, for example, but how do you start that first crochet stitch? With a slip knot! There are lots of different ways to make a slip knot, but the below is my favourite, the easiest and takes just seconds. So you can speedily get to the good bit of a crochet pattern –… Read More »How to start your crochet with a slip knot

How to crochet an i-cord

Ideal for belts, ties and handles, the crochet i-cord is a great technique to master. Although it looks fiddly at first, once you get into a rhythm it’s actually really easy to do. Find out how with this simple photo and video tutorial (scroll down for video). The yarn weight will affect the thickness of your i-cord as well as the number of starting chains. The most common I’ve found… Read More »How to crochet an i-cord

How to do a half treble (htr) crochet stitch

Discover the half treble crochet stitch or half double crochet if you’re in the USA. This easy stitch is short and sweet, and there’s something about pulling the yarn through all three loops which makes it very satisfying to work up! It’s ideal for creating a denser fabric, that has more movement than plain double crochet (or single crochet for US terms). Half treble crochet (htr) – UK terms Half… Read More »How to do a half treble (htr) crochet stitch

Breeze raffia belt – free crochet pattern

Crochet a simple summer belt with this free crochet pattern. You could say it’s a breeze to make… Size options include both waist and hips sizes, making it the perfect finishing touch to your summer outfit whether that’s a floaty dress or denim shorts and a t-shirt. It’s so quick you could have it finished in an evening, or even better while sitting in the afternoon sun! All you need… Read More »Breeze raffia belt – free crochet pattern

An example of foundation double crochet stitch

How to do a foundation double crochet stitch (fdc)

The foundation double crochet stitch allows you to work your starting chain and first row of dc at the same time. It’s much quicker and much less fiddly than working as separate rows and inserting your hook into each chain stitch – especially for larger projects! Let’s face it we all just want to get going when starting a new crochet project and the instruction to chain 120 (or insert… Read More »How to do a foundation double crochet stitch (fdc)

How to join yarn with a magic knot

Goodbye weaving in ends! Okay, maybe not completely – you’ll still have a few from starting and finishing your work, but joining yarn with a magic knot will leave you with way less than usual. Let’s face it weaving in ends is the least fun part of any knit or crochet project, whether you’re disciplined and do them as you go or if leave them until last (yep, I’m in… Read More »How to join yarn with a magic knot