How to do a double treble (dtr) crochet stitch

Learn how to do the double treble crochet stitch with this easy photo tutorial. (Known as a treble if you’re in the USA). When I first started crocheting doubles and trebles seemed pretty common, but it was a while before I came across the double treble stitch. It’s a tall stitch so great for creating an open weave effect and once you get into a rhythm is quick and easy… Read More »How to do a double treble (dtr) crochet stitch

Blossom infinity scarf – crochet pattern

The twisted stitch gives this scarf a gorgeous texture without being too heavy and contrasts with the chunky bobble stitch. My new favourite! Anyone else just so glad to see spring arriving?! Don’t get me wrong I love winter (let’s face it, it’s the perfect season for knitwear) but it’s usually by this point in the year that I’m desperate to swap my thick winter coats for a jacket and… Read More »Blossom infinity scarf – crochet pattern

Sunburst circle bag – crochet pattern

Make your own summer bag with this circle bag crochet pattern, featuring a flap and fastening and raised sunburst design. I LOVE the circle bag and basket bag trend but couldn’t find one with a closing and fastening, so I designed one! It’s easy to crochet and only uses one ball of yarn so is quick and affordable too (as they’re only really a summer item I wanted to make… Read More »Sunburst circle bag – crochet pattern

Pheasant tartan cushion – knitting pattern

Knit a stylish cushion cover with a tartan effect to add a touch of cosy country charm to any room. This simple step-by-step knitting pattern uses only horizontal colour changes so is perfect for beginners who haven’t mastered colourwork or intarsia knitting, as the vertical stripes are worked after you have knitted the cushion cover! And full photo instructions are given. It features a simple envelope back with a ribbed… Read More »Pheasant tartan cushion – knitting pattern

Autumn leaves infinity scarf – crochet pattern

Inspired by the deep reds and burnt oranges of falling autumn leaves, this infinity scarf is the perfect accessory to keep you warm on a long walk through the countryside and will add a pop of colour to any outfit. So far it’s been my most worn make to date! The three colours make it super easy to style with all my winter coats. Seriously I have coats in khaki,… Read More »Autumn leaves infinity scarf – crochet pattern

All the colours granny square blanket – inspired by Attic 24

Plus pattern + how to stop your giant granny square twisting I tend to favour quick crochet projects, being the impatient sort of person I am. But a girl can only look at so many beautiful crochet blanket patterns on pinterest and instagram without feeling the need to make her own… I chose the classic giant granny square as my first blanket and used the luscious Attic 24 colour pack… Read More »All the colours granny square blanket – inspired by Attic 24

Five travel friendly free crochet patterns

Easy and free crochet patterns – perfect for airplane, train or car. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking to fit in more crochet time so ahead of my long-haul flight I thought I’d roundup some of the best travel-friendly free patterns. For me, travel crochet needs to be simple in pattern and colour – as you’ll see in the patterns below! Most airports and airlines allow crochet… Read More »Five travel friendly free crochet patterns

Spring blossom dip-dye phone case – crochet pattern

Inspired by pastel pink blossom set against the blue spring skies of the English countryside, this crochet phone case will keep your phone cosy all year round. I had so much fun designing this one and always get asked where I got it – I love when you can answer with ‘I made it!’. It makes my phone easier to find in my bag too. And you can customise it… Read More »Spring blossom dip-dye phone case – crochet pattern

Knitted snowflake bunting – free pattern*

Nordic style knitted Christmas bunting This pattern was originally posted in December 2016 on my previous blog… I haven’t purposefully posted a Christmas pattern in January. Whether you live somewhere that gets a healthy dose of the white stuff each winter or not, this knitted snowflake bunting guarantees you’ll get a bit of snow to admire (and for those of us in the UK, it comes without any travel chaos… Read More »Knitted snowflake bunting – free pattern*

Crochet ipad case – free pattern

Whether you’re in need of a quick handmade gift or just want to keep your ipad looking stylish and cosy, hook up this easy crochet ipad case in no time. Although looks-wise this one has been designed with men in mind as they can be so difficult to find good crochet patterns for (this one was for my Dad, who seemed to like it), but swap the buttons and colours… Read More »Crochet ipad case – free pattern